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+ BLINKLICHT is a multimedia production & digital storytelling company based in Vienna, Austria. Blinklicht is developing, producing and distributing content for film, television, mobile and broadband plattforms.

+ SCREENKIDS.TV (BETA) is BLINKLICHTs video platform & brand for a new generation of media consumers and media producers.

+ BLINKLICHT.MEDIA.LABS is doing commissioned work and commercials for clients like ORF, mobilkom, Doctors Without Borders Austria, Burgenland Tourismus, AK Vorarlberg, AK OÖ, SPÖ OÖ, Post AG …

INFO: es_at_blinklicht_dot_at

media convergence: the fresh, the old, the undead

When was the last time you read a NEWSPAPER in the loo?

• by DR.BLINK • Sep 30, 2009 at 9:30 AM